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We have always had the vision that this brand is all of ours. Not only the team at the office but also all of you supporting us.

Our aim with this blog series is to make whatever we can do to let all of us get to know more about the great people connected, in any way, with the brand PWBFREE.

For our first blog post we have sat down with a guy that has pretty much been with us from day 1 supporting us on a regular basis. Furthermore, I am sure you think he is as interesting as we do. Please learn more about our conversation and learn more about Fadi below. Enjoy!

Hi Fadi, to start things off, could you please try to tell us little about who you are?

My name is Fadi. I’m 28 years old, I have two younger siblings and I’m living in Berlin. I grew up in a small town near Kassel but moved to Berlin almost 6 years ago to study and work here.

What do you do professionally?

In "normal life“ I’m working as a teacher. Besides that I‘m following my football passion by supporting the Palestinian Football Association in scouting promising talents in Germany, but especially in Berlin, who could be relevant for the national teams. Also I’m working in the youth academy of 1. FC Union Berlin as a scout. Hopefully with the result of seeing some players in the Bundesliga in a few years.

How are you connected to Palestine? What opened your eyes to take a stand for the Palestinian cause?

My parents are both from Palestine. My mother is from Betlehem and my father is from a small village, named Zababdeh. They both went to Germany to study and that’s where they met. So this is the reason why me and my siblings have the connection to Palestine.

Apart from supporting us do you have any advice or suggestions on how to take action and support Palestine? 

I like sharing stuff in social media about whats going on in Palestine. If only one person clicks on the post in my instagram story and maybe starts to think about the topic, it has already been worth it.

Back to your profession (since we do find it very interesting) working with the National Team Of Palestine, where do you see them in 5 years?

I think the Palestinian National Team is on a good way to develop and reach good results despite all circumstances from the outside.

There are a lot of very talented young players, especially in Berlin. There’s every type of player, strong central defenders, fast wing backs, central strikers and especially some awesome wingers with amazing 1 vs 1 abilities. It’s always a pleasure to see them play and see how they use their technique and speed to pass their opponents.

I can’t list them all, but guys like Nader Jindaoui (18 goals and assists in 19 games), Ali Abu-Alfa and Yousef Emghames are just some of them. But there are way more talents. So let’s see how all of those young players develop and hope for the best. And not to forget, there are as well many very talented palestinian girls in Berlin. So quite many talents for men’s and women’s national teams if all goes well.

If you met someone wanting you to describe Palestine and palestinians what would you tell that person?

My first thought are always hills with many olive trees as far as you can look. The feeling is just something you can’t really describe. I would tell people just to go there (if it’s possible) and to talk to the people there. They‘re warm and welcoming you for sure.

Have you been to Palestine? 

I was there a few times as a child when we flew there as a family during the summer vacations. We always stayed at our family in Zababdeh and visited Jenin and some other cities. It’s great there, especially seeing family you just don’t see otherwise. The food is obviously great and the people are nice. It’s a very welcoming atmosphere. It definitely takes some time to visit all your family there but you’ll get as much black tea as you want. And even one cup more.


Name 3 things you need to try when visiting Palestine? Any dishes, activities or cities for example?

Regarding dishes I would definitely recommend some home made falafel which are way better than the stuff you usually get in Europe. Then warak dawali is awesome as well and last but not least Maqluba is something you can always look forward to. You won’t be disappointed.

Besides dishes I would recommend just going up a hill and enjoying the peace and the view of all the olive trees and the beautiful area around you.

Since we are always looking for feedback here at PWBFREE; Which product of ours are your favorite so far?

My favorite product so far is the "MAP CAP". It just looks amazing. It’s eye-catching but still decent and yet for those who understand it is of great meaning.

I am really looking forward to future products and especially the hoodies!

Thank you so much for taking the time, Fadi!


Stay tuned for the next blog post to get to know more of another PWBFREE teamplayer.


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